How to Attach Poles to a Backpack

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Trekking poles are useful outdoor tools. They increase stability and enhance balance when hiking on trails. When not in use, attach the poles to your backpack to prevent losing them. According to REI, it's best to lessen the amount of gear you attach to the outside of your pack. If you add too much weight externally, it can throw you off balance. Always secure all the straps and add more if necessary to prevent items from falling off or moving excessively.

Shorten the trekking poles by retracting or pushing in the sections.

Lash the poles to the outside of your backpack by passing it through the side straps. Pull the straps outward for a better fit and put the poles in with the pins facing downwards. Some backpacks may have two or more side straps, make sure you use all the aligned side straps to put the poles in.

Place the tips inside the backpack's pockets.

Tighten the straps to secure the poles. Pull the end strap and push in the adjusting slider for all straps.

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