How to Make Your Own Powder for a Quilt Pounce Pad

Jeffrey Hamilton/Photodisc/Getty Images

One of the ways to mark quilting lines on a quilt top is by using a pounce pad. This pad is filled with powdered chalk in either white or pale blue. Rub the pad over the stencil and you'll transfer chalk onto the fabric to mark the quilt lines. If you want different coloured powder in your pounce or if you simply want to save money, create your own pounce pad chalk; you'll be able to see the lines clearly even if your quilt top is completely blue and white and you'll have cash left over for other quilting supplies.

Place one or two pieces of coloured sidewalk chalk into a heavy-duty zip top freezer bag. Use the same colours in all pieces of chalk in the bag. Zip the bag almost completely shut, but leave about an inch open at the end.

Put the bag onto a table or workbench. Using a kitchen mallet, hit the chalk-filled bag to break up the pieces of chalk until they turn into powder. You may also use a rolling pin to achieve the same result.

Pour the powder through a sieve or strainer into the compartment of the pounce pad. Shake the strainer to help the powder sift through. Replace any chunks left in the strainer back in the bag and crush them again to make more powder.

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