How to Remove a Propane Regulator

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Propane gas is used in many household applications such as for a barbecue grill and in a mobile home. As the gas in the tank is under pressure, a regulator lowers the pressure from the tank to the appliance.

Regulators are generally made from brass or aluminium to minimise the possibility of a spark being created during installation or removal. A regulator must be replaced due to wear and tear; the industry norm for replacement is 15 years. Regulators are easy to install, but make sure that you are familiar with the process before attempting to do so.

Turn the regulator until it is in the "Off" position. Have a protective cap handy to place after you remove the regulator.

Press the button down on the side of AD type regulators. Pull the regulator up to remove.

Press horizontally on the "Off" switch of a Compact Quick-On regulator. Pull the regulator upwards to remove.

Lift horizontal levers on the SRG 547 regulator to remove.