How to Fix & Glue Skirting Boards

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Skirting board is also known as baseboard. It is typically installed along the bottom of the wall where the wall meets the floor. It not only adds style and design to a room, but also acts to protect the base of the wall from getting kicked and damaged. These boards come in either paint or stain grade, but both install the same way. Over time, these skirting boards can become worn and damaged. The best way to fix the damaged boards is to remove and replace them.

Locate the damaged piece of skirting board at the bottom of the wall. Run a stud finder along the wall until a red light appears on the stud finder. Mark the stud location with a pencil.

Place a chisel on the top of the skirting board at the stud location and hammer it in between the skirting board and the wall. Strike the top of the chisel with a hammer multiple times until it is behind the skirting board. Remove the chisel from behind the skirting board.

Slide a pry bar where the chisel was located and carefully pull back on the pry bar. Pry the skirting away from the wall and slide the pry bar down the wall to loosen all of the skirting until it can be pulled off by hand.

Place a tube of construction adhesive into a caulk gun. Cut off the tip of the construction adhesive with a utility knife. Lay the new piece of skirting upside down and line up the caulk gun at either end of the skirting board. Pull the trigger and run an "S" shaped bead along the entire back of the skirting.

Place the skirting up against the wall where it was previously located and push it firmly against the wall. Run your hands over the entire surface so the adhesive can adhere to the wall behind it. Repeat the entire process for any other pieces of skirting that need to be fixed.

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