How to Hide the Time of Your Last Skype Activity

Skype keeps a record of all your previous calls and conversations. If you'd rather not leave a trail of when you were last online, you can clear Skype's history to hide any previous calls. Clearing the history will delete all prior records of Skype calls. At the time of publication, there is not a way to erase a single call from your Skype history. If you do not want Skype to save your history in the future, you can change the "Keep History" setting within the Options window.

Open the "Tools" menu in Skype. Select "Options." This will open the Options window. By default, the Options window will have the "General" tab selected.

Click the "Privacy" tab in the Options window's left sidebar. The "Privacy Settings" sub-menu should be automatically selected.

Click the "Clear History" button. This button is located in the middle-right of the main panel of the Options window. Close the Options window when finished.

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