How to Write on a Balloon

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With their bright colours and bobbing shapes, balloons simply make a festive occasion feel more festive, regardless of the event or occasion.

While you can pay certain balloon and party stores extra to have them create personalised balloons that have the name of the celebration or the guest of honour on them, that extra service does cost. There's truly no reason why you can't create such a simple effect yourself, regardless of whether you have latex or foil balloons.

Blow up your balloons to their full size. Hold one balloon steady with one hand pressing the back of it against your work space.

Write out the words or letters that you wish to print on the balloon with your glue pen. Grab the balloon by the back and press it into your pan of glitter.

Shake off the extra glitter and allow the balloon to dry overnight.

Blow up each balloon to full size. Tape the stencils representing the words or letters to the front of each balloon using a light masking tape.

Put on latex gloves and an old long-sleeved shirt. Shake your can of spray paint and spray on the stencil letters, holding the balloon down with one hand.

Peel off the tape slowly and remove the stencils. Allow the spray paint to air dry.