How to Make an Egyptian Bow and Arrow

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The bows Egyptians used evolved from straight recurved bows to single curved bows, with the hope of providing better aim. Made of wood or horn, the Egyptians used a bow and arrow during war and while hunting. Create a simple Egyptian bow, known as a self-bow, using a tree branch and an elastic cord. Pair the Egyptian bow with a soft-tipped arrow, rather than a pointed arrow, to prevent injuries.

Obtain tree branches that are ΒΌ-inch diameter to create the Egyptian bow and arrow. Pick the branches from a tree with flexible stems, such as oak, ash or mulberry, if possible. Flexible tree branches are easier to bend and manipulate without breaking.

Grasp the top of the branch with one hand, and the bottom of the branch with the other hand. Position the branch horizontally in the air in front of you, and slowly bend the branch into an arc. Lay the curved branch on a table or on the ground.

Wrap the elastic cord around the top of the curved branch once, and tie a knot. Then stretch the elastic cord down and wrap the end of the elastic cord around the bottom of the curved branch one, as well. Tie a knot to complete the Egyptian bow.

Set the cotton ball on the tip of the 6-inch branch, and cover the cotton ball with the sheet of tissue paper. Wrap masking tape around the bottom of the tissue paper to secure the tissue paper to the wood branch. The cotton ball makes the tip of the arrow soft, to protect others when playing with the simple Egyptian bow and arrow set.

Paint the bow and arrow with acrylic paints to give the Egyptian bow and arrow set a cultural touch. Select colours such as gold, blue and green to add a royal appearance to the set, or choose white and brown to give the simple bow and arrow set an old Egyptian appearance.

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