How to Disguise Bad Roots

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If you have visible roots, but no time to visit the salon, you can use a few tricks to get your roots to blend with your hair. Hair that is straight and smooth emphasises roots the most, often as a stripe of contrasting colour; thus, styling hair for lift or texture is one of the best ways to disguise roots.

A little dark colour at the roots of a curly or volumized hairstyle just adds depth, rather than looking like grown-out colour. A favourite hair product of the 1990s, hair mascara is an even quicker way to retouch roots and give your colour a quick fix just before running out the door.

Pull the brush out of the hair mascara tube with care, so that it doesn't get too clogged. Wipe it on a tissue or back into the side of the tube to get a clean brush coated with an even layer of product.

Brush the mascara onto the root section using small even strokes. Apply it like this to blend the hair colour in rather than painting a thick layer of colour to mask the roots.

Wait a few seconds for the product to dry, then check to see if any areas need a second coat. If any parts of the hair look painted, use you fingertips or a fine comb to even out the application.

Wash and condition hair with lightweight products. If your regular conditioner is heavy, apply it only from the mid-lengths to the ends.

Towel-dry hair and work a golf ball-sized amount of mousse through the lengths. Alternatively, you can use a volumizing spray just at the roots.

Blow dry your hair in sections, wrapping each section around a radial brush. The round barrel of the brush will give extra lift to your hair while keeping it smooth. Curl the ends of the hair underneath as you brush so that it sits into a tidy, volumized style.