How to Get Bumps Out of a Rug

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Rugs are used to bring a sense of decor to a room, along with being functional and giving you somewhere to stand in the kitchen and bathroom, or allowing you to clean your feet when you enter the house. Bumps in rugs are a result of improper storage or simply everyday use. Smooth out the bumps and improve the look of your rug.

Run your hand over the top of the rug in both directions. One direction will feel smooth and the other will feel rough. When it feels smooth, that means you're running your hand in the same direction as the rug is laying.

Place the rug flat on the ground and stand with the texture of the rug going toward you.

Roll the rug as tightly as possible with the bottom ending up on the outside. Wait a few minutes, then unroll the rug slowly. This should get out most of the bumps and wrinkles.

Locate remaining bumps and flatten them with an iron on the lowest setting.

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