How to find a spider nest when you have baby spiders in the house

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Many species of spiders can have dozens or even hundreds of spiderlings, or baby spiders, at one time. If you start to find seemingly endless numbers of spiderlings in your home, then you might have a spider nest somewhere. To help eradicate the nest, you need to find the nest. While you might want to leave this to a professional exterminator, spider nests have some common locations.

Check around ground floor or basement windows. A spider can make a nest inside the wells surrounding the windows, allowing the spiderlings to enter your home through gaps around the window.

Look inside the attic space. This dark, generally uninhabitable area for humans could contain a spider nest. Bring a torch with you to check for the nest.

Inspect the corners of your garage and storage rooms. These corners, again dark and generally uninhabited, might be where the spider decided to nest and have its spiderlings.

Crawl underneath your porch or other outdoor areas, such as a deck. If you failed to find the nest in or around your house, then the spiderlings might be hatching outside and making their way indoors. In this area, you will likely need a torch as well.

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