How to Troubleshoot a Bernina 1008

Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

Bernina manufactures a wide range of sewing machines in various sizes and price ranges. Of their 1008 model, Bernina claims it is "very affordable ... ideal for sewing quilts, crafts and garments.

" Such a glowing endorsement is to be expected from the company who makes the product, but you can never be too sure that you won't have problems. It is a good idea to have some troubleshooting methods in place if you have any issues with your Bernina 1008.

Ensure that the needle is inserted correctly if the thread tends to break. The flat side should be toward the back of the Bernina. If the breaking thread problem continues, inspect the tension level. It may be too high. Select a lower setting on the machine, if that is the case.

Reposition the bobbin if the lower thread does not pull smoothly. Jerky, stuttering motions suggest that the bobbin is incorrectly positioned.

Slow the machine by pressing more gently on the foot pedal if your Bernina is skipping stitches.

Look for any jammed threads in your Bernina 1008 and remove them by pulling the end of the thread while turning the hand wheel backward and forward.