How to Repair My Rain Umbrella

Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Umbrellas are reasonably priced and can be found is just about any retail store. There are many pieces and parts of an umbrella that can break and, generally you just throw the broken umbrella away and purchase another. There may be times when you wish to repair your umbrella, especially if it has sentimental value to you or was expensive enough to make your repair worthwhile. With a few supplies, you can repair just about any part of an umbrella.

Replace a broken stem. Align two pieces of the broken stem together and glue with a strong adhesive. Finish by wrapping the stem with a strong tape, strengthening the stem as much as possible.

Replace a broken spoke. Thread a thin wire in place of the broken spoke. Make sure to securely fasten the wire to the centre point of the umbrella.

Repair rips in umbrella's fabric. Sew patches into areas of the canopy that ripped. Use a waterproof fabric and a strong thread that won't easily break. Be sure to overlap the patch over the hole to prevent any drips from coming through.

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