How to make an indestructible beyblade

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A Beyblade is the modern version of a spinning top. Metal fusion Beyblades, dubbed for the metal fusion wheel, are approximately 2 inches in diameter, differing from the original half-size, all-plastic version. Each Beyblade is composed of a facebolt, energy ring, fusion wheel, spin track and performance tip.

Each Beyblade package includes a beytool, which is a special type of wrench, used to disassemble the Beyblade. By combining certain parts from certain Beyblades and reassembling them, you can create a Beyblade that is so strong, it is virtually indestructible.

Obtain a special metal facebolt to use when constructing Poison Leone, which will add extra defence, balance and stamina to your custom Beyblade. Gather Rock Leone, Poison Scorpio and Dark Bull Beyblades. Select Rock Leone for parts needed for defence and balance. Use Poison Scorpio parts for added stamina and Dark Bull parts, which are essential for defence.

Loosen the facebolt of the Rock Leone Beyblade with the front of the beytool, which is the round part of the beytool that has two slightly flattened inside walls. Unscrew the facebolt counterclockwise and remove it. Hold the bottom pieces together and take out the energy ring. Flip it over and remove the performance tip from the spin track with the back of the beytool, turning counterclockwise. Take the spin track out of the fusion wheel. Repeat to disassemble all three Beyblades.

Place the Rock Leone energy ring into the Poison Scorpio fusion wheel. Place the metal facebolt into the opening in the middle of the energy ring. Pick it up by the metal fusion ring, using a finger to hold the facebolt in place and turn it over. Line up and insert the arrows or points on the Dark Bull spin track inside the points on the fusion wheel. Line up the notches on the Dark Bull performance tip into the notches on the spin track and push down. Place the back of the beytool on top of the performance tip and turn it clockwise 90-degrees until you hear one click. Stop at one click to avoid breakage. Hold the performance tip in place with a finger and turn it over. Place the facebolt into the opening in the centre of the energy ring. Turn the facebolt clockwise with the front of the beytool, until it seems tight. Do not overtighten.

Design two more Beyblades by putting together the extra two sets of Beyblade parts. Test your Poison Leone Beyblade against other Beyblades. Launch Poison Leone into a Beyblade stadium with your Beyblade launcher to see if your Poison Leone is the last Beyblade left standing.