How to delete friend suggestions on Facebook

In an attempt to help you find people you might want to connect with, Facebook suggests friends to you based on factors that include your work and education background, friends, e-mail contacts and networks you have joined. These suggestions can be accurate at times. Yet, at other times you may not know the suggested people or not want to connect with them even if you do know them. You can hide these suggestions from view if you are sure you do not want them.

Log in to Facebook and click "Profile" in the upper-right corner to go to your profile page.

Look on the right of the page below "Edit Profile." Facebook displays friend suggestions under the heading "People You May Know."

Point the mouse cursor to the far right of the name of a suggested person. A blue "X" button appears.

Click the "X" button to remove that friend suggestion. A new friend suggestion may appear in its place.

Repeat this process with other friend suggestions that you want to remove.

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