How to Replace a Canvas on a Tent Trailer

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Tent trailers are a hybrid of the traditional camping tent and a pull-along camper trailer. The lower portion of the tent trailer is the camper trailer part that provides the frame and contains the appliances and furnishings. The top portion of the tent trailer is the tent component. When you arrive at your campground site, you park the trailer, level it and crank up the tent portion. After years of use, the tent portion of the trailer may need to be replaced. It can be tricky job, but one that can be done at home.

Park the tent trailer in your garage, backyard or driveway. Place chocks under the wheels to prevent the trailer from rolling. Remove the nuts securing the roof to the frame. With the assistance of a friend or two, lift the roof off the frame and place it aside.

Crank up the tent portion of the trailer. Enter the trailer and remove the nuts that secure the interior ceiling panel, remove the ceiling panel from the trailer. Working from the top to the bottom of the tent portion of the trailer, remove any additional fixtures holding the tent in place.

Lower the tent portion of the trailer halfway down after all the hardware securing it to the trailer has been removed. Lift the tent portion up over the frame and remove it from the trailer.

Position the centre of the replacement top over the centre of the frame. Begin to drape the rest of the top over the partially extended frame. Once it is in place raise the top three-quarters of the way up so you can begin to position the replacement top in the hardware that secures the tent portion to the trailer portion.

Secure the tent to the frame using the supplied hardware. Extend the tent fully, replace the interior ceiling panels. Confirm the tent portion is correctly attached to the frame.

Lower the tent, position the roof over the frame. Secure it in place using the hardware you removed in Step Oone. Your tent trailer is ready for the new camping season.

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