How to Delete or Remove Time Warner DVR Record Log

The Time Warner Cable Remote DVR Manager is an additional cable feature that allows you to never miss a program. With DVR management, Time Warner Cable customers can save digital recordings of their favourite shows and broadcasts, so they can replay them at a later time. You may want to whittle down a too-long log or make changes to what you record. Regardless of your reason, deleting a Time Warner DVR record log is easy. All your DVR record log actions can take place through the Remote DVR Manger online.

Direct your Internet browser to the Time Warner Cable DVR website.

Provide your Time Warner account username and password on the sign-in screen to access your Remote DVR Manager.

Click the "Show List" tab at the top of the DVR Manager home-screen to view the record log of all scheduled programs and DVR recordings.

Highlight the scheduled program or DVR recording title in the Show List. Then click "Cancel Recording" to remove the record log from the Show List.

Click "Yes" when the validation box opens to confirm your decision.

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