How to care for a fragoo strawberry

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Strawberries are bright, colourful vining plants in gardens, pots and hanging planters. "Fragoo Pink" strawberries bring even more colour, with bubblegum-pink blooms and 3-foot runners. This strawberry cultivar requires standard strawberry care in regard to sun, soil and nutrition, and can last for years in the right situation. Keep your "Fragoo" strawberries in the right sites, with the right water and nutrition, for years of strawberry harvests.

Plant Fragoo strawberries in a mixture of natural soil and organic compost in outdoor plantings, or organic compost and quick-draining potting soil in pots and containers. These plants need good drainage and nutrition in their soil.

Keep Fragoo strawberries in areas with full sun exposure and good air circulation. They grow in partial sun, but may not bear full harvests. These strawberries will not grow in puddles or areas with poor circulation.

Water Fragoo strawberries with 5cm (2 inches) of water every week after planting. Put 5cm (2 inches) of organic mulch over the soil to keep it warm and moist, and to eliminate weed growth. Pull weeds if they grow, as strawberries suffer from competition.

Prune flowers off the Fragoo strawberry plants until midsummer to encourage vegetative growth. Allow flower growth starting in midsummer for blooming and fruit production.

Feed strawberries in midsummer when blooming starts. Use balanced 12-12-12 fertiliser at a rate of 0.454kg (1lb). per 15m (50 feet) of row, or per manufacturer directions. Mix the fertiliser into the soil 10cm (2 inches) from the row of strawberries, then water. Don't let the fertiliser touch strawberry stems or foliage, as it will burn them.

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