How to Draw a Bumble Bee in Illustrator

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Adobe's Illustrator program is one useful tool in the Creative Suite package. This software allows users to create vector images quickly for direct use with Photoshop and After Effects. Drawing a bumblebee in Illustrator can be a fun and creative way to complete this image. Determine whether or not you want your bumblebee to be cartoon like or realistic, using a picture to assist you in designing each of the details if necessary.

Select the ellipse tool on the left-hand side of the Illustrator window. Choose a pixel size somewhere in the lower end of the spectrum, such as 3-5 pixels. Hold the shift button and drag your mouse over the screen to create a circle, as this will act as the main body of the bumblebee.

Create the head of the bumblebee using a smaller circle that attaches to one end of the body. Move this head guideline to the appropriate place on the body as you feel would best create this image.

Select the pencil tool on the left-hand side of the Illustrator window so that you can draw out the body details of the bumblebee. Make sure the pixel thickness is no greater than the circles you just created. A digital tablet works best when using many lines to construct an image, as a computer's mouse can be difficult when creating certain sections.

Draw curved lines across the bumblebee's body until this entire section mimics that of the real-life image. Draw two small lines on top of the insect's head to act as the antennae, adding a slight curve to the tops of these features. If you wish to make your bumblebee cartoon-like, add two small circles for the eyes and a curved mouth underneath them.

Draw the oval-like wings with the ellipse tool if you wish for your wings to look basic in appearance. Continue using the pencil tool to create the rigid texture of each of the bumblebee's wings if you want to keep your drawing as realistic as possible. Draw six lines underneath the body of this insect to create each of the legs.

Select the paint bucket tool from the Illustrator menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the black and white boxes at the bottom of this menu panel to browse through the colour wheel. Bumblebees are black and yellow; therefore, you should select the shades of these colours that best fit the picture.

Add colour to the specific areas with the paint bucket tool. Click on the intended area and this section fill with the selected colour. Add small, colourful details to any sections to lend a realistic look to the digital drawing using the paint brush tool.

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