Hasbro Nerf Tech Target Instructions

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Hasbro's Nerf Tech Target game is designed for players age six and older. It is played similarly to darts; however, the darts are made of foam and the board is electronic. Three different games can be played, Countdown, Stop the Noise and Best Score. Best Score is the only game that can be played by one or two players.

Prepare the Nerf blaster by loading a foam dart into the barrel and pulling back the handle. Aim accurately at the three zones on the target. You start with a score of 99 and the object is to get to a zero score in the least amount of shots.

Pull the trigger and hit zone 1 on the target to have 10 points deducted from your current score. Five points are deducted if you hit zone 2, and one point is deducted if you hit zone 3.

Aim and hit the exact zone(s) that will result in a zero score when your score reaches a single digit. For example, if your current score is seven, you will need to hit zone 3, three times. This will reduce the seven to a zero score. The game will then be over and it will show how many shots it took you to reach a score of zero.

Load your blaster. You are given 99 seconds to play the game. The different target zones make sounds, and the object is to hit the correct zone where the sound is coming from.

Aim, fire and hit the zone where the sound is coming to earn a point. After each correct hit, the sound stops and you have two seconds before the next sound starts.

Listen for the next sound and hit the zone where it is coming from. Earn another point. Continue to listen, aim, fire and hit the correct zones as the target counts down the seconds to zero.

Notice the score screen on the target at the end of the game. It displays how many correct zones you hit during the 99 seconds.

Touch the "Player 1 Zone" on the target for a one-person game. Prepare the blaster with a foam dart. There are three rounds per game. Three darts are fired per round. The object is to score as many points as possible in three rounds. You receive 10 points for hitting zone 1, five points for zone 2 and one point for zone 3.

Aim, fire and hit the zones as your points are accumulated for round one. When round one is finished, your accumulated score is displayed. Press the "Mode" switch to start round two and play round two the same way as round one. Press the "Mode" switch one more time for round three.

Notice the score screen on the target at the end of round three. It displays the total points scored for the game.

Touch the "Player 2 Zone" on the target to start a game with two players. The rules are the same as for one player. There are three rounds and three darts per round. Each player tries to accumulate as many points as possible.

Press the "Mode" switch after player one has completed round one. This starts round one for player two. After player two completes round one, press the "Mode" switch again. Player one now starts round two. Continue alternating between players until both players have completed three rounds.

Press the "Mode" switch after player two has finished the last round. The score screen will display the highest score out of the players and announce that the game is over.

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