How to Make a Felt Penguin

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Children love to play and cuddle with stuffed animals. Cuddling with a soft stuffed animal is something that children find comforting and will be special when it is homemade by someone who loves them. Felt works great as a fabric for stuffed animals, such as a stuffed penguin, because of its softness. Make a homemade felt penguin and give it to a child as a gift, so he can treasure it.

Draw an outline of a penguin's full body, the size you would like your stuffed penguin to be, on a sheet of paper. Then, draw an outline of the penguin's belly, which should be almost as wide as the body and from the bottom of the body up to the neck, a penguin's beak and two feet on another sheet of paper. Cut out each of your outlines with a pair of scissors.

Lay your cut out of the penguin body onto the black felt and cut out the shape of the body twice, to make both sides of the penguin's body.

Cut out your penguin beak and feet, using your drawings, on orange felt.

Cut out the penguin belly with white felt.

Place your black buttons where the penguin eyes should be and sew them on the front of the penguin body.

Stitch the beak, belly and feet onto the front of the penguin body. A small amount of polyfill can be added into the beak, belly and feet before each are completely stitched up to make them a little puffy.

Stitch together the front and back of the penguin, leaving a small hole to add filling.

Add polyfil to the penguin body, using a pencil to spread the filling into every part of the penguin, then stitch up the hole.

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