How to Stop Skype Spammers

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Avoiding Skype spammers is easy most of the time, because a Skype user whom you have not added as a contact cannot send you messages. If you do not add contacts you don't know personally, a spammer will be unable to communicate with you beyond sending friend requests. This does not completely stop spammers, however. In a friend request, a spammer can include a link or other spam, which you'll see when you deal with the friend request. To help cut back on spam on Skype, and to stop a particular spammer from contacting you more than once, block and report all suspected spammers.

Sign into the Skype account on which you received a spam message.

Click the "Contact request" button in the left panel of Skype. This displays the spammer's contact request, which typically contains spam.

Click "Block" within the contact request. This opens a new window asking if you are sure you want to block this person.

Click the "Report abuse" box within this window. Click "Block" to block the spammer. He can now no longer contact you at all, even to send another spam message disguised as a friend request.

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