How to make your own oil for a plug-in air freshener

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Plug-in air fresheners might seem like a fairly wise investment -- a fresh, scented home for around £3 sounds like a good deal -- but they can quickly become an expensive habit. Every time the scented oil dissipates, you will have to buy a new air freshener; the value of the purchase dissipates almost as quickly as the oil. So it is a fantastic shortcut to be able to scent your own oil, any colour or fragrance you like, and manually refill your plug-in.

Purchase several scented oils to use as a base for your own mix. Choose oils you feel would complement each other well or that you like on their own.

Create your own oil blend. Mix complementary fragrances in a bowl. Start with just two scents, and allow several minutes for the fragrances to combine before adding additional components.

Add potpourri or your favourite herbs or flowers to the oil blend. The fragrances will be absorbed by the mixture. Again, allow the mix to stand for several minutes after each addition.

When you are satisfied you have added all the elements you wish, leave your new oil blend to develop overnight. That will give the mix time to "stew," and you will wake up to a beautiful-smelling home -- a prelude to what your refilled air freshener will pump out.

Remove the plastic lid of the empty plug-in air freshener. This is a relatively simple case of sliding the point of a knife into where the base of the plastic lid meets the glass body of the air freshener and gradually lifting the lid off. Be gentle, as you need that plastic lid to recap the plug-in.

Remove any large flowers or herbs from your oil blend, and then pour the oil blend into the plug-in. Use a small funnel or an eyedropper if you want to be extra careful. Try not to spill the mix -- it might be a beautiful scent, but you do not want oil all over your floor or table.

Replace the plastic lid. It will click back into place with much less effort than it took to remove it.

Plug in your refilled air freshener.

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