How to Remove Blu-Tack From the Wall

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Blu-Tack is used in classrooms, offices and homes to safely adhere materials to the wall without using tape adhesives. Paper, school work, art work and posters are ideal for hanging with Blu-Tack. The puttylike adhesive sticks to walls and paper and, when removed, doesn't peel off paint the way tape does.

When left up too long, Blu-Tack can dry a bit and leave a blue putty residue on the walls.

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Scrape the wall with the edge of a credit card to remove any Blu-Tack substance from the surface. Wipe the substance onto a paper towel and discard.

Spray the Blu-Tack stains with citrus-based cleaner. Allow the cleaner to soak into the stain for a minute. Wipe with a paper towel to remove the Blu-Tack stains. Repeat this step, if needed, to remove as much of the stain as possible.

Treat a Blu-Tack stain that's absorbed into the paint by first washing it with trisodium phosphate. Rinse the surface with a damp cloth and dry it with another cloth. Allow the wall to air dry for 24 hours.

Touch up the paint on the washed area of the wall, if necessary, using a paint brush and leftover or matching paint. Let the paint dry for 24 hours.