Optimus 8R Instructions

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The Optimus 8R is a camping stove that was manufactured in Sweden by outdoor products manufacturer Optimus International AB. It can be used with unleaded liquid camping fuel and it was also intended for use with a proprietary paste fuel that Optima no longer manufactures. This model is discontinued as of the time of publication of this article, but units still remain in use. It is a simple stove with very basic features and construction and it is easy to use and clean. Make sure to follow all safety precautions and make sure to never use the Optimus 8R indoors.

Test the regulating key at the right side of your Optimus 8R to make sure it opens and closes properly. Turn it to the right to close it and then back to the left to open it. Discard the stove if the regulating key does not work.

Remove the filling lid at the front of the stove and fill the tank to 2/3 of its capacity; the tank holds 2/9 pt. so that 2/3 capacity is about 66.1gr. -- or 4/27 pt.

Replace the lid and tighten it securely. Close the valve of your Optimus 8R by turning the regulating key all the way to the right.

Preheat the stove by carefully pouring a small amount of fuel in the spirit cup under the burner at the rear of the stove. Make sure not to spill any fuel.

Light the fuel and open the valve by quickly turning the regulating key to the left as soon as the flame is almost burnt out.

Use the stove as you wish for cooking or reheating food.

Clean the stove while it is still lit by quickly turning the regulating key all the way to the left and then back to open cooking position. Relight the flame if it goes out during the cleaning process.

Allow the stove to cool down before storing it once you have finished cooking and you have cleaned it.

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