How to Remove a Cabinet for a Dishwasher

If you have a kitchen without a dishwasher and are tired of having to wash dishes by hand, you can remove a cabinet and install a dishwasher in its place. Technically, you aren't removing the entire cabinet, just parts of it, as you will reuse the cabinet frame to enclose the dishwasher to make it blend with the kitchen countertop. You'll only need a few tools to remove the cabinet.

Unpack the cabinet, removing all contents from the inside. The cabinet has to be completely empty to proceed further.

Remove the cabinet door by opening it up to its fullest open position, then unfastening the hinges with a screw gun. Put the hinges and screws in a sandwich bag.

Take the cabinet shelves out by hand by pulling out the holding pegs or unfastening the mounting brackets with a screw gun.

Cut holes in the back of the cabinet to run the water pipes and electrical lines with a drill and paddle bit. Then pry the bottom panel of the cabinet up with a pry bar to gain access to the frame. This is where you will install the drainage system for the dishwasher. Set the panel aside until the drainage system is in place.

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