How to Make a Fabric Bow for the Top of Your Christmas Tree

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No Christmas tree is complete with a beautiful topper. Rather than spending a fortune on an elaborate star, make your own topper out of a bow. Using fabric for the bow will give it a rich, luxurious look without costing you much. Tree topper bows are often made from ribbon, but fabric gives you more choices of patterns and materials. As a bonus, this topper can stay looking like new for years. Wrap it in paper and store it in a cool, dark place between holidays.

Choose your fabric. Look for a stiff fabric, since a bow made from silky or light fabric will flop over rather than hold its shape. In order to make the bow stand out at the top of the tree, choose red or metallic fabric.

Cut a length of fabric using fabric scissors. Start with a piece that's about 4 feet long. You'll end up trimming off the excess later, but this length should be long enough to make a foot-long bow. Use a longer length to make a larger bow. You may cut the fabric to whatever width you want, but 2 to 4 inches will work well.

Make two loops on either side of the piece of fabric, leaving about a foot of length free on either end. Pretend you are going to tie your shoelaces.

Pass one loop over the other. Push it into under and through, again as if you were tying shoelaces. Pull the loops tight, then adjust the bow until it's the size you want. Pull up on the loops to make them larger or pull on the fabric ends to make the bow smaller.

Cut the ends of the fabric to be the length you want. Cut an upside-down V out of each end to give it points.

Tie a loop of floral wire around the centre of the bow. When you're ready to attach the bow to the top of the tree, wrap the ends of the wire around the highest tree branch.

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