How to Make a Sling for a Snare Drum

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A sling for a snare drum goes over the drummer's shoulder and around his waist. The sling allows the drummer to comfortably carry and play the instrument during long sessions. Slings can be fashioned using neoprene fabric with a bit of sewing.

Place a neoprene sheet on a flat surface and place the snare drum on top of the sheet.

Mark the circumference on the neoprene sheet using a marker. Cut the circle using scissors and stretch the fabric to fit the snare drum.

Measure the height of the snare drum using a tape measure. Cut a neoprene sheet to the dimensions of the height of the snare drum and the length of the circumference. Use a sewing machine to stitch the ends of the neoprene sheet together to make a circular side border.

Sew the neoprene circle to the bottom edge of the circular side border. Sewn pieces should look like a cup or soup bowl.

Cut a piece of neoprene fabric 3-inches wide and 30-inches long to create the strap of the sling. Sew one end of the neoprene strap to the top edge of the circular side border. On the opposite side of the circular side border, sew the other end of the neoprene strap.

Place the snare drum into the sling and the strap around the shoulder.