How to make an outdoor plant stand out of a pallet

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Turning an old wooden pallet into a plant stand doesn't require a lot of time or specialised materials, and the project helps you reuse something that would otherwise just get discarded. The plant stand can be used outside to provide interest and texture to the garden, or it can be used inside the home as a decorative way to display your indoor potted plants. Leave the pallets their natural colour, or paint them to complement your decor.

Cut blocks of timber to be used to strengthen the pallet and be used as legs. The blocks should be 2 by 4 inches; the height will depend on how tall you would like your stand. If you want it low to the ground, choose just a few inches. If you want it to be tall, choose a few feet. If you don't have a saw and scrap timber at home to carry out this task, you can purchase it pre-cut from the hardware store.

Turn the pallet upside down so the base is now the top. Screw the leg supports into each corner of the pallet using an electric drill and screws. You will need two screws per leg support, one on each of the sides of the blocks that come into contact with the sides of the pallet. If you don't have an electric drill, use a regular screwdriver. Use wood glue to keep the blocks of wood in place if you don't want to use a screw driver and nails.

Paint the pallet. You can choose to leave the pallet totally natural; however you may want to paint the pallet a bright colour to make it stand out. Painting it dark grey can really look stylish, especially when it is used as a stand for terracotta pots.

Glaze the pallet with a varnish or protective coat. This should only be done once the first paint layer has dried completely. The varnish can be either shiny or matt so it can't be seen. Again this comes down to personal choice. The protective coat is particularly important if the stand is to be displayed outside. It will protect it from the elements.

Place the plant stand in the area you want to display your pots of plants and flowers.

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