How Can I Make Prints of My Original Oil Paintings?

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Professional and amateur artists alike often produce original oil paintings that they could sell numerous copies of. Not wanting to invest the time or resources in painting multiple copies, many artists have high quality giclee prints made of their original work. A giclee print is made using a professional grade inkjet printer, which produces copies that have all the hues and tonalities of the original painting. A giclee print can even be printed onto canvas and an artist can further embellish it with touches of oil paint to give texture and detail, making each print unique.

Take a high resolution photograph of your oil painting. Try to take the photograph in natural light so that you do not need to use a flash and the colours in the painting are not altered by artificial light. The higher the resolution the more detailed your giclee prints will be. To make the best print, a printer will generally want a photograph with the minimum of 100 dpi and 800 by 1000 pixels.

Save a copy of your photograph in raw format to your computer or to a portable flash drive.

Find printers in your area that specialise in producing giclee prints. Ask to see samples of their work and do cost comparisons.

Select the printer you want to use and provide him with a high resolution copy of the photograph.

Choose the type of material you want your copies printed on. Heavy art paper, canvas and fabrics work well for prints of oil paintings.

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