How to Sell Vinyl Records Online

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The vinyl record resale market has boomed in recent years due to a renewed interest in the format. Some artists' records, depending on the condition, can sell for higher prices than their CDs. Selling your vinyl records can be difficult at times; some buyers may dispute the condition of the record and ask for a refund. Prepare for questions about your items and describe the condition to the best of your ability.

Write the name of the record, the artist, and the year it was made in a notebook. The notebook will serve as your inventory list. As you sell records, mark a line through the sold items.

Note the condition of each record in the notebook. The vinyl record resale market has a uniform rating system for determining the value of vinyl records. In descending order, the ratings are: Mint, EX+ (Excellent), EX, EX-, Very Good (VG), G, F, and POOR. Grading vinyl records is a subjective process. Conservative gradings are best in order to prevent buyer complaints. For example, a record that looks as if it just came from the store, unopened, is in mint condition. A record with water damage, tears on the cover and scratches is in poor condition.

Assign a price to each record in your list based on its condition. Research prices on sites such as Pop Sike or Gemm to see what your records are selling for in the marketplace. These prices will provide a starting point for your record prices.

Photograph your vinyl records. If your records are in mint condition, a picture of the cover and vinyl surface will work for selling online. If your records are damaged, take pictures of the damage in addition to any you take of the cover or record.

Choose an online marketplace that suits your needs. There are numerous "seller" markets online for vinyl records, including, and An auction site such as may be best if your record is very valuable. The bidding competition may fetch a higher price for your records.

Post your vinyl records for sale on the site of your choice. Include the name of the record, the artist, the format (speed) of the record, the condition and your asking price. Upload the pictures you took of the record.

Ship the record after it sells online. When shipping your records, list the package as "fragile" with "do not bend" clearly written on the side. Ask for the package to be signed upon delivery to insure against loss in the shipping process.

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