How to get a penpal for kids

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Writing to a pen pal can be a rewarding experience for any child. They will learn about other cultures and build writing skills without realising it. Pen pals can take the form of online or snail-mail pen pals. Online pen pals have the benefit of providing a more immediate communication.

Snail-mail pen pals will teach old-fashioned letter-writing skills and reinforce the joy of anticipation.

Discuss pen pal options with any community group of which you are a member. For instance, a church group will often have outlets such as church newsletters that you can use to find your child a pen pal.

Talk to friends who live in other states or countries to find out if their children would be interested in being a pen pal with your child. These can be people who have moved away or others that you have met online.

Consider a military pen pal. You can participate in this activity with your child, providing much-needed support and communication to a soldier overseas. The Military Pen Pals website offers a forum for this purpose.

Submit an application with an online pen pal site. Some of these sites, such as Friendship by Mail, require a small fee. This is the site administrator's way of providing a safer environment for pen pals. The Students of the World website offers free access to e-mail pen pals, while requiring a fee for snail-mail pen pals.