How to Make a Sewing Needle Case

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A sewing needle case is the perfect place to organise and store hand and machine needles alike. You can create your own, easy-to-peruse needle case that opens like a book and features an interior centre pocket ideal for storing packs and cards of needles.

Making the interior pocket out of felt or wool will help ensure that your needles remain sharp, rust-free and safely secured.

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Cut a piece of heavy tapestry cloth, embroidered ribbon or other decorative fabric to 9 3/8 inches by 3 inches. Cut a piece of medium-weight cotton to the same dimensions. The tapestry will serve as the exterior casing of your needle case. The cotton will function as the lining. The cotton lining should match the fabric you selected to use as the casing.

Stitch the cotton lining to the interior--or wrong side--of your casing fabric using nylon thread. The nylon thread will make your stitches virtually invisible. Fold the casing into four equal widths, vertically, by folding the casing in half and then folding each side in half again. Set the folds by pressing the casing lightly with a hot iron.

Measure a piece of felt to match the length of the two centre sections of the casing--panels two and three. Cut the width of the felt to 2-inches wide. Fold the felt under 1/4 inch along all sides. Pin the felt to the two interior, centre panels of the case. Then, attach the felt pocket to the case by stitching along the sides and bottom of the pocket, leaving the top unstitched. Refold the case and press. Form the double pocket by stitching down the centre fold line of the newly applied felt pocket.

Create a ribbon tie closure for the sewing needle case. Working from the right side of the fabric, open the case out so that it lies flat. The first panel is the panel farthest to the left and the fourth panel is the one farthest to the right. Cut the hair ribbon into two equal parts. Fold one end of each piece of ribbon under 1/2 inch and press.

Working from the outer edges of the second and third panels of the case, centre one of the folded ribbon ends onto the left edge of the second panel and stitch it in place. Repeat the same process with the other ribbon end, except stitch it to the right edge of the third panel. Re-fold the case and press. (Note: the ribbons are secured to the outside of your case, not the lining.)

Create a book effect for the sewing needle case by folding the first panel inward onto the second panel and folding the fourth panel inward onto the third. Then, close the folds onto each other in the same manner as you would a book. Reveal the centre double pocket by reopening the case along the folds. To store your needles, place the needle packs in either side of the felt pocket. Weave single needles into the felt. Secure the case by folding it back up and tying the loose ribbon ends into a bow.