How to Make a Class Scarecrow

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If you would like to engage your class in an Autumn activity, have the kids work together to create a scarecrow for the classroom. Divide the children into groups, and have each group work on a different section of the scarecrow. When you are all done, you can have the class name the scarecrow and even enter it into a local scarecrow contest. With your help, building a class scarecrow will be an exciting and rewarding task.

Place the 2-by-4s on a flat surface in the shape of a cross so the longer 2-by-4 is vertical and the shorter one is horizontal. Nail them securely together.

Paint or draw a face on the middle of one side of the pillowcase. Fill up the pillowcase with crumpled newspaper and place it over the top of the taller 2-by-4. Tie the opening of the pillowcase tightly with twine.

Tie the bottoms of the pant legs tightly with twine, then fill up the trousers with crumpled newspaper. Nail each side of the waistband to the horizontal 2-by-4.

Put each arm of the shirt through one of the sides of the horizontal 2-by-4. Button up the shirt, and tie the ends of the sleeves and the waist tightly with twine. Fill the shirt with newspaper.

Place the gloves on your scarecrow, and secure them with twine if necessary. Put the hat on your scarecrow's head for a finishing touch.

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