How to Make a Man's Leather Anklet

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Many men in today's society enjoy wearing an anklet bracelet made from hemp or leather. These bracelets are made in lengths from 9 to 17 inches. Knowing the size of the man's ankle is needed to make a hemp ankle bracelet, however, an adjustable leather ankle bracelet can be made to fit all sizes.

Sit a cylindrical drinking glass on a flat surface. Loosely wrap the circumference of the glass twice with the leather strapping.

Position the drinking glass so the ends of the strapping are facing you. Notice a solid piece of strapping is wrapped around the drinking glass along with the two ends. Loosen the strapping around the glass and let it slide to the work surface.

Position the left end of strapping so it lays parallel to the solid piece of strapping. Fold the left end to the left 3 inches and create a loop at the fold. Hold the loop at the fold. Loosely wrap the end of the strapping around the solid piece three times and form a loose coil.

Insert the end of the strapping through the three loosley wrapped coils and through the loop made with the fold. Pull the end tight. The coil will tighten and the folded loop will disappear into the knot. Cut the excess strapping approximately 1/4 inch from the finished knot.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 on the right end of the strapping.

Remove the finished leather man's ankle bracelet from the drinking glass. Adjust the man's ankle bracelet by sliding the knots on the strapping.