How to clean a kindle screen

The Amazon Kindle is an e-book reading device created by online retailer E-books are shown on the device through an electronic ink display, which like most screens will get dusty and dirty every once in awhile.

Learning how to properly clean and take care of your Kindle's screen is the first step in ensuring a long life for the device.

Spray your Kindle's screen with your alcohol-free screen cleaning solution. Use the spray sparingly -- do not spray so much that you create a small puddle on your Kindle's screen.

Wipe your Kindle's screen gently with a microfiber cloth. Clean off any smudges or signs of dirt or debris on the screen.

Dry your Kindle's screen by wiping it with the dry side of your microfiber cloth or with a different (dry) microfiber cloth. If this is not possible, let your Kindle sit a few minutes so the screen can air dry.