How to turn a regular SIM into a micro-sim

George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Turning a normal SIM card into a micro-SIM card allows a user to use their same phone number and service provider with Apple's micro-SIM slot equipped products. Since only products such as the iPhone and iPad use micro-SIM cards, the only way to normally receive this special SIM card is to have service with that provider. By cutting the SIM card down properly, it can fit inside these products, allowing a user to utilise their preferred network with their favourite devices.

Remove any safety lock on the SIM cutting tool.

Insert the standard SIM card into the SIM cutting tool. Ensure to follow the cutting tool's directions for proper insertion direction, to avoid making an improper cut.

Clamp down the SIM cutting tool around the SIM card until the card is cut down.

Remove the newly-cut micro-SIM card from the cutting tool, and dispose of the remainder of the original SIM card.

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