How to Make Someone Look Anorexic on Photoshop

Photoshop allows artists to manipulate graphics with its special tools. You can turn a heavyset person or middle-size person into a bony, frail-looking person and it's not as hard as you might think. The key to making someone look very skinny is to slim down stomach fat, push in the hips and trim down the arms and legs. The face also needs to be sucked in to create a bony facial effect. You don't have to create many layers for the transformation to take place when using Photoshop.

Launch Photoshop and click "Open." Choose an image of a subject you want to transform and then click "Open."

Scroll to "Filter" and then click "Liquify." A dialogue box will appear. Choose the "Forward Warp" icon on the left side of this window or click "W" on your keyboard. Set the desired size of your brush, pressure and the density.

Drag in different parts of the body using the "Forward Warp" tool. Push in the legs and arms to make them look skinny and bony. Gently push in the subject's cheeks, hips, thighs, hands to make them smaller as well as the neck area. Click the "Pucker Tool" (S) to suck in parts of the body such as the chest, the stomach and thigh area but don't overdo it. Go back to the "Forward Warp" tool to push in the body some more, if desired, and you're done.

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