How to Kill Straw Mites

You can prevent straw itch mites from harming you or your family by removing possible sources of their survival and killing them. Straw itch mites are parasites of insects and are so tiny that a microscope is needed to identify them. If you are severely infested, straw itch mites can bite you thousands of times and you will be unable to see the bites with your naked eye. Straw itch mites survive in straw, hay, grasses, leaves, seeds or similar materials. You can alleviate your straw mite problem by following these steps.

Remove and burn all sources of straw, hay, grasses leaves and seeds around your living area. Alert your local fire brigade and let them know that you are preforming a controlled burn. Only use fire in your area if you are allowed to do so and not restricted by a burn ban due to dry conditions.

Vacuum and clean your entire living quarters. Straw itch mites will survive on floors and any other surface in your home. Since straw itch mites are a parasite of insects, they can be located where ever insects go. Remove all insects from your living quarters.

Wait it out. Straw itch mites can not live on a human host for more than a few days. If you remove their source of nutrition and natural habitat, they will all die within a few days.

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