How to Palpate the Uterus of a Dog

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Breeding dogs is a large industry that is taken very seriously by those who breed them. For most breeders, it has become a science to breed their dogs for the best production and for the best health of the animal.

A female dog's gestation is 63 days from the date she was last bred, and a veterinarian or highly trained individual can palpate her uterus within 3 weeks of being bred to see if she is pregnant.

Take your female dog to a veterinarian or trained professional 3 weeks from the last date your female dog was bred.

Watch them and have them carefully go over how they palpate your dog's uterus to check to see if she is pregnant. Do this a couple of times.

Try to palpate your dog's uterus yourself when she has not been bred to know what it feels like. Have someone hold your dog on the floor. Gently take your thumb and two forefingers and feel her abdomen from her lower rib cage down.

Palpate your dog's uterus 3 weeks after she has been bred. Once again have someone hold her for you and very gently, using your thumb and forefingers feel the abdomen. You want to feel nodules that feel like small walnuts in her stomach. Remember to not be rough or squeeze too hard.

Take your dog to the veterinarian and see what your veterinarian feels when they palpate your dog. Your vet may also have an ultrasound.