Easy to Make Toy Soldier Costume

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The Nutcracker, Babes in Toyland; toy soldiers are featured in a host of holiday shows. Whether you are creating a winter wonderland, or you are dressing up for a holiday you can make your own toy solider costume. To make this costume you don't need to be craft savvy; if you can cut and paste you can whip this up rather quickly. Plus, it won't cost a fortune because with some old clothes and craft supplies you can put this costume together for an adult or child.

Wear an oversized red suit jacket with gold buttons. Velvet and satin are the best materials for a toy solider jacket, but any material will do as long as it is red. The trousers for your toy solider costume can be white, or navy blue suit trousers.

Trim the outside leg seam of the trousers with red ribbon. Cut the ribbon the length of your pant leg and adhere it to your trousers with fabric glue.

Take two red shoulder pads and use fabric glue to trim them with gold braiding. Attach one to the top of each shoulder on the jacket using fabric glue.

Make a tall fuzzy black hat from poster-board and black faux fur. Wrap the poster-board around your head to size it. Staple the overlapping poster-board to keep it the size of your head. Glue the faux fur to the outside of the poster-board. Glue a red feather to the right front side of the hat.

Wear a pair of black boots, or dress shoes. Accessorise your costume with a toy drum, or fake musket. Use face paint to draw to red circles one on each cheek.

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