How to Breed Animals for Profit

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Breeding animals and selling them for profit is a real business that takes planning and discipline to be successful. It can be fun to raise baby animals like puppies, kittens or rabbits, however some people step into the business without realising the amount of work that goes into raising a litter of baby animals.

Factors to take into consideration include housing the animals, feeding them and paying for medical costs. Additionally, newborn animals and the mother need care and attention from the breeder during all hours of the day.

Inexperienced breeders sometimes underestimate the animal breeding business and some get so attached to their baby animals that they never end up selling. Others only go into breeding for the purpose of turning a profit and these types of people can get easily frustrated with the amount of work and care they animals require when their only motivation is to make money from the animals.

Choose an animal that you intend to breed. It is best to choose an animal you have experience in raising, such as a particular breed of dog that you've had as a pet previously. Ensure that you understand the animal's requirements for care, feeding, exercise and medical demands.

Research the web and in your local community and surrounding region so you can confirm that there is a demand for the animal of your choice. If you live in a big city, cats may be an optimal choice to compliment small living spaces and limited outdoor space. If you live in a rural area, large dogs or farm animals, such as chickens or pigs, may be a fine alternative to sell to farmers and people with large properties.

Create a budget for breeding your animal of choice. You must calculate medical expenses, food, equipment and any other breeding expenses. Additionally, you can include labour costs such as the time and energy required to breed and raise the animals.

Determine the price to set for each baby animal. The price must be high enough to cover all your expenses so you can turn a profit.

Attend pet shows and join breeder associations and clubs that specialise in educating people about breeding and raising your animal. Network with similar breeders and gather as much information as possible.

Purchase books and search the web for appropriate information on the animal's reproductive cycle, their mating habits, the birthing process and caring for the newborns.

Find prospective owners before you start breeding your animals. Advertise your breeding business in newspapers or online to find interested customers.

Select an appropriate male and female animal for breeding. If your animal is a particular breed of dog, you may need to ensure that each dog is comes with a license and pedigree papers.

Encourage the mating process between the pair of animals by providing them with the correct mating environment according to your research and with the help of a veterinarian or other experienced breeder. Be attentive to your animals throughout the entire pregnancy cycle, birthing process and newborn process.

Invite potential buyers to look at the animals and interact with them. Screen them carefully and choose the buyers who are kind, responsible and well-educated in terms of caring for the animal.

Collect your earnings from each animal sold and calculate your net profit by subtracting your total expenses from your total revenue.