How to Create Your Own Fantasy Animal Games for Kids

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Creating fantasy animals is an activity that kids love. It allows them exercise their creativity while taking the best parts of their favourite animals. Have your kids or students make their own fantasy animals with a variety of online and on-paper games and activities. In all cases, remind kids that the more creative they are, the better. Creating fantasy animals is a time to be silly.

Have kids make new animals at the Switcheroo Zoo website. The game allows kids to choose parts from nine different existing animals: bear, zebra, rhino and six others. Kids choose an animal to begin with and can very quickly and easily replace heads, legs and tails with those of a completely different animal. The game offers very realistic graphics. It also gives facts about animals, allows kids to name their creation, add a story and print.

Have kids make new animals online with the Build-a-Beast game. The graphics of Build-a-Beast are more cartoon-like than Switcheroo Zoo. It allows players to interchange the body, head, and front and back legs. It offers some animals that Switcheroo Zoo does not, such as a spider and a camel. Players can also choose between a variety of backgrounds and have the ability to print their designs.

Have children create original dogs with the Mutt Maker online game. The game offers cartoon-like graphics and a wide variety of real dog breeds, each with its own description. Players choose the body head, legs and tail from different breeds. Players can also add accessories to their original dog, such as glasses and boots. The resulting dogs are cute and funny looking, but the game does not facilitate printing of creations.

Have children make their own animals with a classroom game using paper and pencils. Break the class into groups of four. Each group assigns one person to design a body, one to design a head, one to design legs and one to design a tail. Students sit at their desks and draw, colour and cut out their assigned body part. Students should not communicate as they do this. Have students come back together and put their animal together on construction paper with glue.

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