How to use a Wella T-14 Silver Lady toner on hair

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When bleaching your hair to achieve a blond shade, the brightness of the final outcome might not be as vibrant as you wish. This is because the hair pigment has not been lifted completely. Toning your hair eliminates yellow undertones as well as evening out prelightened hair.

Wella's T14 Silver Lady toner will tone your hair to a silvery white blonde.

Wrap an old towel or a hairstylist cape around your shoulders to prevent the toner mixture from dripping on your clothes or skin. Put on the gloves to protect your hands.

Mix one part T14 Silver Lady Toner with two parts 20 Volume Developer in a plastic bowl.

Take a 3.8 cm (1 1/2 inch) section of your hair, and with a hair colour brush, apply enough mixture to soak the hair your want to tone from root to tip. Place the hair on a foil long enough to cover the length of your hair. Fold in the left side first, then the second, and finally, fold up the bottom section. Continue with the rest of your hair, applying the mixture evenly to each section and wrapping it with foil.

Wait up to 30 minutes, checking periodically for shading. When you achieve a silvery white blond shade, you are done.

Rinse off the mixture from your hair and apply a dollop of hair conditioner. Rinse well until no residue remains on your hair.