How to Hug Someone Taller Than You

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Hugging is a basic form of emotional expression between two people, whether they are involved in romantic relationship or not. Hugging is most easily done between two people of relatively equal height. If you are trying to hug someone much taller than you, be comforted by the fact that he is also struggling to hug someone shorter. Make the process easier by adopting one of a variety of techniques for getting that perfect hug between people of unequal height.

Go up on your tip toes and hug the person taller than you. Try to be subtle about it and do it as you are going into the hug. If this does not add enough height, try pulling your hugging partner down toward you as you put your arms around his neck. Alternatively, you can be obvious about going up on your tip toes if you are both comfortable with your difference in height.

Stand on a surface that is higher than your partner's. Try hugging while standing on the sidewalk while your partner stands on the road. If you are on an incline or a hill, stand farther up than your partner. You might also consider wearing shoes with very thick soles, such as platform shoes, to give you the height necessary for a normal hug.

Make your partner lean forward into the hug, thereby reducing your height difference. Open up your arms for the hug while you are still a few feet away from your partner. Stop walking forward and see if he leans down to hug you. This puts the onus on him. If it looks like he is going to keep walking forward without leaning, you can jump up to hug him, as long as you are confident he will catch you.

Make up for your height difference by adopting an alternative style of hug. If you are much shorter than your partner, hug by putting your arms around his waist or back. You can get closer by turning your head to the side and snuggling it into his chest. He should then be able to hug around your head or neck. Alternatively, you can do a hug from the side. Stand next to your partner and put your arm around his back. Bring your other arm around his front and squeeze.

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