How to Access SD Card Files on an Android

Smartphone owners running the Android mobile operating system can access the phone's SD card files from their PC. Android has a built-in USB flash drive feature that turns your SD card into an external flash drive when you plug your Android phone into your PC with a USB cable. Using this feature, you can drag and drop files between your PC and your SD card without third-party software. You can access SD card files on your Android phone by following a few steps.

Connect your Android phone to your PC using a USB cable.

Tap the "Turn on USB storage" button when it appears on your Android phone's screen.

Click "Open folder to view files" when the "AutoPlay" box pops up. Your Android's SD card will mount as an external drive and its contents will be displayed in a window.

Tap the "Turn off USB storage" button on your phone's screen when finished. This unmounts the SD card from your PC.

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