How to Convert FBR to MOV

FBR files are video files that have been created from recordings of your monitor. If you want to create a "How To" video for the Internet, for example, you could record yourself going through the process in an FBR file. You can convert that file into the Apple QuickTime .MOV file format so more people have the opportunity to view it.

Open Blueberry FlashBack on your computer. Blueberry FlashBack is the program that was used to create the .FBR screen capture recording. An icon for FlashBack exists in the "Blueberry" folder of your "All Programs" menu. You can find the "All Programs" menu by clicking "Start."

Click "Open an existing movie" on the FlashBack main screen. Select the FBR file you want to convert.

Click the "Movie" menu at the top of the window and select the "Export" option.

Select "Quicktime" from the "File Type" menu. Click the "Export" button to convert your FlashBack movie file to the QuickTime .MOV file format.

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