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How do I dispose of a bullet?

Updated April 17, 2017

Disposing of unwanted ammunition requires a little more care and attention than just throwing them in the trash. Bullets can remain dangerous for a years if unused, and can explode if heated or hit. Bullet primers and gunpowder are found in every bullet, and are both unsafe to throw away directly. Bullets need to either be used or taken apart to ensure they do not cause an accident. If you do not need any ammunition you find, follow these steps to ensure they are safely disposed of.

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  1. Contact your local police or fire brigade at their non-emergency phone number. Do not dial 911.

  2. Keep all ammunition in its packaging.

  3. Bring the ammunition to the police or fire brigade to the location they request. They will safely disassemble the ammunition for you.

  4. Tip

    Handle with care; do not allow the ammunition to get too hot, be struck with anything or be dropped.

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