How to Make a Giant Slip & Slide

Liven up your backyard pool party with a humongous version of the Slip 'N Slide, a wet plastic toy kids careen down with inner tubes or just their bodies. Placing your slide on a hill can make the ride down even more momentous, but a flat surface can be just as slick. Kids will enjoy endless hours of outside entertainment with a homemade Slip 'N Slide that will take you only minutes to put together.

Select a location for your slide. It can be downhill or flat, but make sure there is plenty of room for how wide and long you want the slide to be.

Roll the plastic sheeting out on the grass to the length you have chosen. Cut excess plastic with heavy duty scissors if necessary.

Fold the sheeting over longways to create a double layer for the slide. This will ensure the slide's strength once you pin it to the ground and will lessen the risk of the plastic ripping.

Secure the slide to the ground using tent stakes or landscape pins. Start at the top of the slide and fold the plastic over 1 inch before putting the stakes or pins into the plastic. Hammer the pins or stakes into the corners of the ground as flat as possible so they won't be a safety hazard.

Place more stakes or pins along the slide if the slide is very long, about every 8 feet or so. If it's not that long, place more stakes or pins at each bottom corner to anchor the slide to the ground safely.

Squirt baby shampoo all over the slide to make it more slippery. Turn on the water hose and hose down the slide. Keep the hose on at the top of the slide if you desire, or just hose the slide down every few minutes to keep it wet.

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