How to make a fascinator headpiece

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A fascinator is a great alternative to a hat or headband and is usually composed of a hairband or hair clip with a delicate design attached to one side. Perfect for weddings, summer balls and other formal occasions, fascinators can be expensive, and it can often be hard to find one that is perfectly suited to your tastes and style. Rather than settle for one that's less than perfect, why not design and make one yourself? It's much easier than it might sound.

Search for design inspiration. For ideas, find a celebrity style to copy or look in fashion magazines and in stores. Wedding pictures are also a great source of inspiration. From flowers and feathers to beads and sequins, the possibilities really are endless. Drawing or sketching your design using the optional paper and pencil can also be a great help when you start to make your fascinator.

Stick together the feature aspect of your intended design using glue and your card circle as a base. Fascinators are made from a 3-D feature design attached to the side of the head. Use your imagination and be as creative as you'd like when putting your decorations together. The easiest designs are made by sticking beads, netting and feathers around a loop made from wired ribbon, but alternatives include attaching large faux flowers and miniature top hats.

Hold the design against your head to check that the proportions suit you and to make sure you are happy with the design. The best size for the fascinator design will vary from person to person, so checking in this way will allow for changes to be made before adding the design to the hairband or hair clip. It is easier to make changes at this stage, rather than waiting until the design is attached to your hairband or hair clip.

Attach your design to a hairband or clip using glue. Strong craft or embellishment glue is ideal for this job. The drying time for glue can vary by brand, so always check the glue manufacturer's instructions before application. As a general rule, it is best to leave the glued design alone for 24 hours to ensure that the glue is completely dry.

Try on your fascinator and make any necessary adjustments. Now wear it with pride and get ready for lots of compliments.

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