How to calculate visceral fat

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Visceral fat, also known as waist size measurement, is the abdominal fat cells that produce bulges around the waist (also known as "love handles"). Excessive fat can lead to various ailments, such as high cholesterol, stroke and heart attack. Research indicates that visceral fat is more predominate in males than in femalesBby calculating your visceral fat, you can reduce health risks and overall body fat. According to a study conducted by USA TODAY, participants who reduced their visceral fat reduced their cholesterol by modifying their diets and incorporating exercise into their daily routine.

Remove your shoes and stand with your shoulders in an upright position, while avoid slouching. Keep your head straight forward and have someone lift the height measure to touch the top of your head. Write down the height measurement in inches or feet.

Remove your excessive clothing, shoes and heavy jewellery and then stand in the centre of the scale. Place your arms to your side and read the weight. Write down your body weight.

Pull out the 6-foot measuring tape and wrap the measuring tape around the narrowest portion of your waist. Have someone read the measurements if you are unable to see the measurements. Write down the results of the measurements.

Stand on the bioelectrical impedance analysis scale and enter your height and body weight. Wait for the bioelectrical impedance analysis scale to calculate your weight and body fat. Record the data.

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